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heidi khrone

Raw Moonstone Gold Vermeil Ring

Raw Moonstone Gold Vermeil Ring

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Moonstone, with its shimmering light, is a conduit for intuition, emotional harmony, and feminine energy. Revered for enhancing inner growth and strength, this gem also aids in dream recall. 

Paired with gold vermeil, the magic of moonstone within this ring celebrates both your life's greatest and most gentle energies. 

  • 14k gold on sterling silver
  • hand-cut gemstone
  • hand-crafted ring

Please note: every ring is hand-crafted with unique stones. The color + cut of your stones may be slightly different than what is pictured here.

Care Instructions

All Heidi Khrone pieces are water and tarnish resistant.

Make sure to remove your jewelry before swimming, working out, or bathing in order to minimize the risk of accidental damage.

Keep your jewelry pieces from coming into contact with harsh chemicals such as chlorine, hand sanitizer, lotions/creams, and perfumes/body sprays

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