Collection: LUSTER

the heart of every gemstone lies a universe of ancient magic: a dance of light and stone that has whispered to spirits for millennia. Heidi Khrone presents "LUSTER", a collection that embodies the essence of our brand: creating magic in everyday life.

Every ring in the "LUSTER" collection is a thoughtfully crafted union of metal and stone to adorn and elevate every moment. With options of gold vermeil- a core of sterling silver with a plating of 14K gold, or pure sterling silver, as the base for your ring, you're bound to find the perfect crystalline companion for all of your life's adventures.

Let the magic of gemstones and the quality of our rings guide you and your loved ones to a realm of elevated existence. Dive deep into "Luster" and find that perfect piece that speaks to you.

Discover "LUSTER". Embrace the magic. Elevate your spirit.