Why Heidi Khrone?

Why Heidi Khrone?

This past year redefined who I am, what my values are, and where I want to focus my energy. 

The Universe, in its infinite wisdom, decided to use my Saturn Return* and the pandemic to support me through a year-long Tower moment** in which important relationships, habits, and beliefs fell apart and either came back stronger, or didn't come back at all. 

One of the magnificent results of this year was a shift in my values in life. I chose magic, wonder, and belonging over shame and keeping myself small to fit in.

The name Heidi Khrone represents a phoenix-like reemergence from the rubble of what my life used to be. Heidi is the spelling of my name that fits the best, and Khrone is a variation of the word 'Crone' (a wise woman past childbearing age that focuses her time in witchery, healthy mischief, and being a source of wisdom and power to those around her). 

May this next chapter bring authentic and nurturing connections, a thorough embrace of our collective divinity and magic, and a deeper dive into our full selves. 

*every ~29.5 years, Big Daddy In The Sky Saturn returns to the exact spot in the sky where he was when you were born. When he stops to say hi, he's inquiring what you're up to, and if you're on track to a life that serves you best. I was not :[

**The Tower is a card in the traditional Tarot deck that pretty much means that you're about to get completely upended with the end goal of rebuilding better and stronger.

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